Personal. Exclusive. Focused.

Personal. Exclusive. Focused.

Think like a

professional animator,

learn their approach.

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Animation is hard!

We know that. 

You can take all the classes, do all the assignments, read all the blogs and follow all the advice - but still not get the job you want.

We want to help.

How are AnimFocus classes different?

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One to one tutoring

Whether you’re getting critique, showreel review, questions answered, advice or motivation - there’s no need to compete with others for time or attention.

It's just you and your tutor. One to one.

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Four weeks

It's great to be able to commit to long term education, but we know not everyone can do that. So we want to offer something more manageable for both you and your tutor.

Four weeks. One hour per week. 

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You’ve already got a good understanding of the animation principles, body mechanics & basic acting.

What you need now is a clear sense of what you need to improve - and how.

Your tutor will tailor your weekly assignments to focus on your animation needs.

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No grades


We aren't a school and we don't grade you. What's important to us is that you improve, and you are proud of the work you have done.

Our goal is to help you push yourself to the next level

- to see you flourish.

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Your tutors

All our tutors are professional CG animators, animation directors and animation supervisors currently working in the film industry.

We have animated on movies like Inside Out, The Good Dinosaur, Cars 3, Incredibles 2 and Brave.

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Are you interested? Apply now!

We can’t wait to begin!

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