About Us

Our tutors have taught and mentored many animation students throughout the years - either independently or through various animation schools.

We created AnimationFocus because we know that sometimes students need some one-to-one, focused attention, and a more manageable schedule.

Between us we’ve animated characters like Elastigirl, Dory, Cruz, Joy, Sadness, Arlo and Merida. We know what it takes to create feature film quality work and craft student animation that shows personality and potential.

It’s our goal to help you do that!

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Student Testimonials

Don’t just take our word for it! Here’s what our students think:

I really liked how the critiques were 1 on 1, and it was an hour long. Very personalized education and I really liked Jaime! She is awesome!
— James
The one-on-one tutoring really helped to talk about what I needed to improve on and what I wanted to work towards. Jude was very patient and helpful in giving feedback and answering my questions.
— Jose
The one on one teaching experience was way better than the other group classes I’ve had. I also had a really great tutor (Cat) and I learned a lot. I liked that it is personalized to my own needs.
— Blanca
All the little details about your workflow and method were really appreciated. There was no rush to squeeze everything into 15 minutes... and a good amount of time to think and ask questions.
— Serra
I was immediately comfortable working with (Carolina) and was grateful for her honest feedback. I was glad to learn several aspects of animation performance that I never considered in all my years of animating.
— Ben
It was such a unique experience to have the undivided attention of an expert in the animation field. I was able to learn a lot, not only about my own process and skills, but about the industry as well. My tutor, Becki, was extremely knowledgeable and open to answering any questions that arose.
— Katie