What’s AnimationFocus?

AnimationFocus are monthly animation classes that offer:

  • one-to-one teaching via online video chat

  • one hour each week, for four weeks

  • tailor-made assignments based on your goals

  • no grades

How much is a class?

Current pricing is $620 per class.

Price will increase in January 2020.

When are the classes?

Classes run every month. When submitting your application you will select the month you wish to enroll in eg. January, February etc.

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What experience do I need?

The requirements for application are as follows:

  • intermediate or advanced level animators

  • proficient in Autodesk Maya or equivalent

  • over 18 year of age

We hope all applicants are motivated to work hard and push themselves to the next level!

What equipment do I need?

In order to take a class you will need a computer running Autodesk Maya or equivalent, an internet connection, access to high quality character rigs and a webcam.

What is the structure of the class? 

We will begin with a quick introductory video chat to talk about your reel and your goals. Your tutor will assign your first weeks assignment. From then, every week at a predetermined time, you and your tutor will video chat for one hour and look at the previous weeks assignment. You will get feedback, have the chance to ask questions and hear what your assignment for the next week will be. An example schedule could be:

Nov 1st - 30 min - Intro chat and 1st assignment given

Nov 8th - 1 hr - Feedback on 1st - receive 2nd assignment

Nov 15h - 1 hr - Feedback on 2nd - receive 3rd

Nov 22nd - 1 hr - Feedback on 3rd - receive 4th

Nov 29th - 1hr - Feedback on 4th assignment

How will I receive my feedback?

You will have one hour each week to meet face to face (online) with your tutor. It's up to you and your tutor to decide how you will submit your work and how they will review it. Usually it includes a combination of uploads to syncsketch for your tutor to drawover live, and submitting Maya files (if applicable) which they can open and go over with you live. Everyones situation and needs are different so you and your tutor will discuss the best options.

How do I sign up to a class?

Visit the application page and fill out the form. We ask that you tell us a little bit about your animation education and supply a link to your most recent showreel - so we can get to know you and determine your ability. Your showreel will be reviewed and you will be notified of the result via email within 2-3 business days. Spaces for each month are limited and not every application will result in placement with a tutor. Details of how to pay will be sent to successful applicants.

Who are the tutors?

Tutors are selected from a group of professional animators who have extensive experience working on feature films in the USA. Learn more about our current tutors here: Tutors.



Any other questions?

Please let us know if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. We'd love to hear from you!

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